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This modernized billfold allows both men and a few more progressive women to carry their cash and ID discretely and comfortably, without the inevitable bulge of a more traditional wallet. This is a highly appreciated accessory, essentially a streamlined wallet, that will often also include a spot for credit or bank cards.

The best billfolds are mainly made from genuine leather, in neutral tones of black or brown, although many other materials, nylon, for instance, are also used. They come in many different designs to match a wide variety of tastes, from simple to the most sophisticated. Considering the fact that this item is often offered as a gift, we thought that a little help with selecting just the right model would not run amiss:

Keys to choosing the ideal billfold:

Personal style: probably the main point to bear in mind is the personal style of the giftee. The designs of these billfolds range from the most classic to the very modern: they can be oblong, rectangular, with or without a flap, etc.

Type of material: sometimes it's the details that make all the difference. Leathers can be smooth or textured or a combination thereof, adding to their cachet.

With or without a coin purse? Some people who are looking for something small and slim still aren't prepared to give up having a spot to keep their change. Fortunately, some of these high quality designs can also fulfil this need and offer a light, streamlined, billfold with a mini pocket for your coins.

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