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Wallets The term wallet is often used to refer to several different accessories with a similar function, all essential in a man's life: there are billfolds, coin purses, multifunction wallets and bill clips. When purchasing a wallet it's important to bear in mind that billfolds are only used for carrying bills, coin purses are limited to loose change and a multifunction wallet can have compartments for several different items, slots for credit cards and windows for photos, and specialised compartments for anything from passports to chequebooks.
Men's wallets are most commonly made of leather.
How to choose the right wallet?
Size: Bear in mind where you tend to carry your wallet; if the tendency is to carry it in your pocket then a smaller sized item is needed, but if you generally keep your wallet inside a briefcase or bag, a larger size could be fine.
Practicality: The choice depends entirely on what you intend to carry with you, just bills, mostly coins, or myriad items of monetary interest.
Safety: To help keep everything inside some wallets will have a snap closure, a built in bill clip or double folds for bills.

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