Tie Bars

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Tie Bars This gentleman's accessory can go completely unnoticed, be absolutely scandalous, or simply elegant. It all depends on the design, how you choose to wear it and how you combine it with the rest of your attire. A good tie bar lends distinction and elegance while fulfilling its main function: holding your tie in place.
The most versatile tie bars are made of metal, in silver, gold or black tones; these neutral colours make them easy to combine and suitable on all kinds of occasions. But once in a while, special celebrations can call for a more refined touch with elegant textures or delicately positioned precious or semi-precious stones. Here you will find a select line of tie bars for every possible occasion.
We recommend that with the use of a tie bar you avoid using any additional accessories like a tie pin which is merely decorative. Depending on the occasion, however, it might be a nice touch to use a tie tack with a matching pair of cuff links.

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